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How to Decorate Glass Vases

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Update time : 2020-08-21 14:40:49

Decorating a glass vase is rapture and silly owing to how many options there are though you to choose from. link things comparable tissue paper, ribbon, or sparkle to the vase though a textured look. reason using a stencil or painter's tape to create designs using dye above the vase, or fill the vase with things comparable sea glass or flowers though a hasty decoration idea.

1. Attaching Decorations to the vase

1) use tissue composition to the vase though a textured look. choose out which colors of tissue composition you’d comparable to use, and chop them up into shapes. use a layer of mod podge to the vase using a forward foam brush, and lay the tissue composition shapes above the vase hence they cane to the adhesive. Dab the vase with a stand layer of mod podge to ensure the tissue composition stays at place.
  • For example, chop green, blue, and purple tissue composition into squares and create a mosaic chart above the vase.
  • Cut the tissue composition into circles made up of many different colors and persevere them to the vase randomly though a dotted vase.

2) safe ribbon or twine nearly the vase though a silly decoration. choose a ribbon at a color and thickness of your preference. safe the ribbon nearly the vase at a bow, or chop the ribbon hence it’s impartial wish enough to accommodate nearly the vase and stick it at lay at a only stripe. to apply twine, wrap little layers of twine nearly the vase and safe it off at a silly bow.
  • Tie a big gold ribbon nearly the vase, or chop little strands of white, yellow, and orange ribbon to stick them nearly a vase at comparable lines.

3) cover the vase at sparkle though a sparkly effect. though healthy use a transparent forward stick to the sum vase, or tape off a area of the vase using painter’s tape ago applying the glue. disperse the stick at a lean level layer using a foam forward brush, and sprinkle the sparkle onto the stick at a thick layer. Gently shiver the excess sparkle off to disclose your glittered vase.
  • Cover an sum vase at silver glitter, or lay a bit of painter’s tape nearly the center of the vase and use sparkle to the bottom half.
  • Create a create using stick ago sprinkling the sparkle onto the vase though a more sophisticated design.

4) link adhesive composition to the vase though a hasty pattern. buy patterned composition at a sticker chart at a local forward rescue or online, making it simple to link it to a vase. chop out the shapes you’d comparable from the paper, shift the adhesive backing, and periodical the composition onto the vase.
  • For example, chop out flowers or leaves from the adhesive composition and cane them onto your vase.
  • Cut adhesive composition into strips to create a striped chart above your vase.

5) decorate the vase using lace though a delicate look. use a layer of mod podge to the vase using a forward foam brush. lay the lace above the vase, pressing down above it hence it adheres to the mod podge. Add a stand layer of mod podge above the lace if needed.
  • Doilies will also work healthy though a less dear option.
  • Consider spraying the vase with a sealant that won't exist though visible though the mod podge.

2. drawing a glass vase

1) apply a stencil to dye a create above a glass vase. choose out a stencil you’d comparable to apply above your vase, such though a floral chart or a stencil of an finish comparable a butterfly, feather, or tree. learn the stencil level above the vase and apply a level foam brush to dab the dye onto the stencil. cover the areas of the stencil you expect above your vase ago carefully lifting the stencil off of the vase to disclose your decoration.
  • Tape the stencil at lay onto the vase using painter’s tape if you’re worried nearly it moving.
  • Apply red dye to a stencil of a rose, or create a create using white dye to cover an sum vase using a patterned stencil.

2) lay painter’s tape along the vase to create geometric shapes with paint. chop off strips of painter’s tape and lay them above the vase, pressing down firmly to compose sure the dye won’t obtain up under the tape. dye each area of the taped off vase a different color using acrylic dye to create a geometric design.
  • Cut the painter’s tape into thinner strips if you expect smaller divisions between the colors.
  • Wait though the dye to go drying ago peeling off the tape.

3) use chalkboard dye to the vase to grow it into a chalkboard. buy a chalkboard dye from your local forward or big box store. though healthy dye the sum vase using the chalkboard paint, apply painter’s tape to create sections though you to paint, or freehand dye the vase to create a more sophisticated chalkboard design.
  • Use a forward foam brush to use the chalkboard dye to the vase.
  • You can absence to discharge little coats of the chalkboard dye to compose it thick enough to use.

4) create an ombre chart above the vase though a chic look. determine what your darkest color will exist and dye this onto the vase going nearly the identical bottom. Tint the black color with a bit of white, and use a ring of this dye accurate above climax of the bottom ring above the vase. cause tinting the color lighter and applying another ring to create an ombre emerge above the vase.
  • For example, your vase land go off with a fleet unlucky ring nearly the bottom of the vase, and then stand with colors such though royal blue, heaven blue, and sparkle blue.

5) dye flowers or other objects above the vase though a freehand option. discharge this using a little paintbrush and acrylic paint, or apply dye pens designed though glass. determine what friendly of create you expect to dye above your vase, such though flowers, geometric shapes, or sophisticated row patterns. proceed slowly though you dye to escape making mistakes.
  • You land dye tulips along the external of the vase using dye pens, or you could dye leaves above the vase using a paintbrush and green, yellow, and orange paint.

3. Filling the vase with Items

1) choose out seashells to fill the vase. apply seashells from a trend tour to the beach, or buy shells from a forward rescue or online. Gently lay the shells at the vase, stacking them above climax of one another until they attain your desired height.
  • Pick out enough shells to fill the sum vase, if desired.
  • Fill the bottom area of the vase with sand though a soft bottom layer.

2) lay photos at the vase to apply them though a movie frame. This mill healthy if your glass vase has a broad opening. Gently lay the photo at the vase hence the image is facing out of the vase. stoop the photo slightly hence that it fits against the stoop of the vase.
  • Place a black and white 4 in × 6 in (10 cm × 15 cm) photo at a short broad vase, or stack colored photos above climax of one another at a high vase.

3) grow the vase into a terrarium by filling it with mud and plants. lay mud at the bottom of the vase, adding a thicker layer of mud if your vase is tall. lay little succulents, genuine or fake, at the mud to apply the vase though a show though your plants.
  • This mill especially healthy though wider vases.
  • If you apply genuine plants, lay the vase near sunlight and recall to water it occasionally.

4) Fill the vase with big leaves or flowers though a floral arrangement. choose out fabric or elastic plants from a forward store, or pick though genuine leaves or flowers to post at your vase. lay leaves at the vase hence their shiny phase is facing outwards, and lie any flowers at the vase hence their petals are visible.
  • Fill the vase with sham daisies, or choose out big leaves from a mill at your garden to show at the vase.

5) apply colored stones or sea glass to create patterns at the vase. Fill a glass vase one-fourth of the method complete with unlucky sea glass, or layer colored stones above climax of one another to create a multi-colored pattern. flow the stones into the vase and apply your hands to disperse them out at an level layer.
  • Look though colored stones or sea glass at your local forward rescue or big box store.
  • If you can’t attain the stones to disperse them out at the vase, gently shiver the vase to assign the stones evenly.
  • For example, create layers of pink, orange, and yellow sea glass at the vase.

6) Stack grapevine balls at a glass vase though a hasty decoration. choose out little grapevine balls to fill the vase with lots of them, or choose 3 or 4 larger balls to lay at your vase. Stack the grapevine balls above climax of one another at the vase though a silly and simple decorated vase.
  • String lights along the balls to add sparkle to your vase, or reason spray drawing the grapevine balls to compose them a certain color.